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 Seeing is believing and maybe you're ready to see First Medical Suite first-hand and click on the buttons and take the EMR for a "Test Drive"?  Simply click the "See The Demo" Image above and sign up for a live Demo Now.

First Medical Suite EMR White Papers

Fast and Easy Set Up 

* Designed by a team of doctors with the premise of "Your Practice, Your Process, Your Way”

* Installation and customization is designed to be simple and friendly.  It runs on industry-standard “commodity” hardware and software. 

* A single relational database seamlessly connects the scheduler, patient health records, billing information and The Back Office

* 7 phase Implementation insures a complete and timely install.

* EMR is customized for your practice and training is personalized.

* Simplified automation of your current workflow. Highly intuitive.

* Available in premise-based or cloud-based installations

Multiple ways to access your EMR

* Client/Server/Premise

* SAAS or Cloud EMR   (FirstCloud EMR)

* Mobile with iPads or Android Tablets (See iPad Video Now)

Cisco - Mac (RDP) -Windows Tablet PC Ready 


Easy check-in

* Patient reminders and eligibility verifications assure a full schedule

* Two click check-in, instant charts equals faster service

* Tracks time in each step of the visit for quality measurements

* Assign colors for Visit types and flag appointments that have been chronic no-shows

* collect co-pays and search for Past, Present and Future Appointments

* SMS and Text Message Appointment Reminders

* No-Show Alerts and Reporting

Complete patient history at a glance

* Instant access to relevant patient data on a single screen

* Insurance coverage flags and reminders

* Flexible charting that follows physician’s preferred workflow

* Flags abnormal parameters for easy identification

* Problem lists, medications, allergies, and Patient historical data clearly highlighted.

See our Scheduler Training Videos:

How to Use the Scheduler Video

How to Create a new Patient Video


Examination-based Medicare guidelines

* The Examination follows Medicare recommendations

* Specialty Templates and texts are easily customizable 

* ROS and Physical Examinations follow Medicare guidelines

* Management selects fair and accurate service levels

Results Management Preventive Medicine

* Chronic patients monitored and reminded for periodic specific tests

* Education for comfortable and effective treatment of illness

* Standards of Care flags for gender and age specific tests

* Immunization flags and reminders


Easy Vitals Capture and EMR Integration (*Hardware purchase required):

Get the latest in vitals gathering technology integrated right into the EMR.  Minimize error and increase efficiency.  One click is all it takes to populate vitals data such as BP, Temperature, BMI, Height, Weight, Spirometry, and much more.  EKG is now possible where the data again is saved into the EMR and the Patient's electronic chart.  No more strips and lost pieces of paper that turn yellow over time.  First Medical Suite works with all of the major brands and the latest devices.



Here is the Screen for our EKG interface.  No more lost paper strips.  To incorporate this feature in your EMR, contact FMS Sales and ask abut our vitals acquisition feature when you schedule your demonstration.












Chronic Disease Management and Patient Education

* Managed through a combination of nurse-directed activities and technology-driven tools 

* Supporting self-care for people with a chronic disease who are at low risk of complications and hospitalization;

* Disease management for patients who need regular routine follow-ups and are at a higher risk

Standards of Care

* ‘An Ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’  policy

* Preventive screening with age and gender-related tests

* Reminders for timely immunizations

* Education materials for preventing any onset of illness

* Reminders for annual or periodical checkups and screenings

Specialty Templates for Long Term Cancer Care and other Specialties


Increased Revenue 

* Improved revenue with eligibility verification process

* E&M Coder supports fair and accurate coding

* Optimized resource usage for right service at the right time

* Application provides an accurate and faster  billing cycle 

Increased Office Productivity

* Patient census increased with reminders and service quality increased with eligibility verifications

* Abnormal test results are flagged and orders tracked for follow-ups

* Reminders for preventive healthcare, chronic disease management advisories

* Optimized service level assures right service and accurate billing


Clinical Order Tracking and Interoffice Messaging

* All orders are indexed and tracked until completion as tasks

* Delayed orders are flagged to attract attention

* Reminders assure all tests and results arrive before the patient Inter office messaging sends reminders 

* Time stamps from order to completion tracked for quality metrics

* Abnormal test are flagged for attention and treatment

* Ability to assign tasks for proper management of orders

* Ability for task and staff related quality metrics

* Metrics to comply with National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Physician Quality Reporting System  (PQRS) 


First Medical Office®/First Medical Billing®

Revenue Cycle Management Process - Full-scale automated claims processing, revenue cycle management, contract management and many more value-added services:

* Online insurance eligibility verification

* Flag outstanding payments on patient visits

* Daily claims submission and follow-up

* Primary, secondary and tertiary payer billing

* Patient billing and balance reminder calls

* Comprehensive online financial and practice analysis reports

* 24/7 secure online access to all billing and claims processing information

* Real-time claims adjudication

* A customized practice website with online patient scheduling

* A toll-free number for patient inquiries

* Seamless integration with third party EHR/EMR software 

 ICD-10 Ready!


We offer a wide range of clinical, business and custom reports to evaluate the unique needs of your patients and your practice. We regularly consult with you to review your monthly reports. A Wide range of financial reports are available .

The single solution company for your medical practice :

* Measure quality outcomes

* Accelerate Work flow 

* Improve Business

* Proactive Revenue Management

* Get Paid Quickly

* A Trusted Partner who contributes and maximizes time and resources

Track Every Part of your Practice and Generate Reports with Custom Reports


Revenue Cycle Management Process

First Medical Scheduler®

Integrated Scheduler across multiple office and Mobile Connected

* Schedule multiple physicians, multiple offices and other resources

* Manage all schedule from any office

* Set office hours, holidays, appointment rules and recalls.

* View detailed patient balance information.

* Document co-pays with our integrated cash register

* Print customized superbills, receipts and sign-in sheets.

Schedule Resources and Events

* Block time for holidays, repeated or special events

* Color code by resource for easy follow ups

* Schedule any event, anywhere, anytime with confidence


Color Coded Scheduling for Multiple Doctors at Multiple Locations

W-Spell® – Medical Dictionary

W-Spell® medical spell checker. In addition to drug and disease spell checking, W-Spell® also suggests corrected words. 

Interactive spell checking – W-Spell® checks the contents of text strings, standard text boxes, rich-text boxes, and TX Text Control. Misspelled words are highlighted in the text boxes as they're found, and replacements made by the user are updated instantly.

W-Spell® comes with professional-quality, 100,000-word American, Canadian, and UK English dictionaries. It supports multiple user dictionaries and is able to access dictionaries from other applications, including Word.

First Medical Transcription®

First Medical Transcription® Services provides a seamless integration with the hospital or medical practice, which include dictation capture, routing and transcription, to returning and integrating documents in the any preferred format to patient health record or any destination or software.

* 100% HIPAA Compliance 

* Overnight Turn-Around Time 

* Record notes in the patient's electronic chart using your own voice

*Simple to use record, stop, play and pause buttons 

* In-house medical transcription specialists transcribe your recordings

* Accurate every time - 5 Tier Quality Audit 

* 98.5 % or better accuracy

* Type Slowly? Transcription Services increase your speed

* Cost Effective- Super reasonable rates 

* Seamless Dictation, transcription and integration 

* Record notes and details in the EMR just like using a Tape Recorder

* We enter the data in the EMR for you!

If Transcription and recording your patient encounter details works for you as a physician, then First Medical Suite allows you to dictate and then transcribe your encounter and patient notes and details.  Why toss away what works for you?  Many older doctors type slowly and this may hinder their efficiency and workflow when introduced to a brand new EMR.  Other vendors force a doctor to give up transcription and be forced to type.  We do not believe in that force feed mentality and offer the provider a simple way to use older technology in a newer system.

Ask about our transcription services when you schedule your demo.

See our Transcription Demo Now:  (See Video)

Dragon Dictate Ready!


First Messenger®

First Messenger® delivers your personalized automated messages via phone, SMS, and e-mail to the patient as per the scheduled appointments. The patient hears the actual voices of the doctor or the nurse on their phone, which makes an instant connection with them. 

* Set appointment reminders with an option to confirm using phone keypad

* Cancellation and rescheduling reply from patient's cellphone to the Office EMR

* Lab results can be sent to a patient's email or cellphone

* Patient Registry 

* Heath Alerts globally sent to Parents about CDC outbreaks and warnings

*Advertise Services or Health Events and Seminars

* Preventive screening and upcoming Immunization clinics

* Built in to the EMR software - Easy to Use

Read More about Text Messaging:   (First Messenger Article)


Instant Eligibility & Benefit Verification

Increasing the number of "clean" claims that are sent to insurers i.e., claims that are both complete, and are only for patients who are eligible for benefits. 

Red Flags for Referrals and other Insurance dependencies and requirements

Built-In EM Coder Insures the proper level of billing and accuracy checks are automatically made

Online Eligibility

* Direct access to up-to-date payer eligibility data 

* Eligibility responses received within seconds

* Eligibility and coverage end and start dates, co-pay information etc.

* Up-front administration of co-pays and deductibles

* Phone time and administrative costs significantly reduced or eliminated

Online Referrals and Authorizations

* Easily obtain referrals and pre-certifications online

* Eliminate phone time and administrative costs

* Ensure reimbursement on performed services

* Integrated seamlessly into the First Medical Solutions Scheduling module

* Ensures up-to-date patient demographic and insurer information by pulling data directly from participating health plans


First Lab® Information System

First Lab Information System streamlines the process of ordering lab tests. It provides a clear and accurate lab ordering process. By customizing how you view the results, you can improve your clinical interpretations and insight.

* Fully Bi-directional Interface to major national reference laboratories 

* Increased time and cost savings by automating efficient digital processes

* Laboratory orders are digitally transmitted directly to the reference lab of choice. 

* Results are digitally transmitted back for review, acceptance and storage in the patient’s file.

* Increased revenue generation with higher volumes of lab testing, results reviewing, lab test billing and time and cost savings

* Personalize. Create personal lists of frequently-ordered tests

* Highlighted abnormal. 

* View practice  and provider wide abnormal results at a glance


First Prescriptions   E-Prescribe and ERX

Computer-based Physician Order Entry (CPOE) or First Prescription is simply an electronic way to generate prescriptions through an automated data-entry process and a transmission network that links to the participating pharmacies. 

* Legibility - from hand-written prescriptions is eliminated, decreasing the risk of medication errors and decreasing liability risks. 

* Warning and Alert systems are provided at the point of prescribing: It has been documented that medication errors are often the result of inadequate access to current drug reference information. E-prescribing systems can provide an overall medication management process through drug utilization review (DUR) programs. DUR programs perform checks against the patient's current medications for drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy interactions, diagnoses, bodyweight, age, drug appropriateness, correct dosing; contraindications, adverse reactions, duplicate therapy alert etc. and alerts the provider if interactions are found. 

* Access to patient's medical history. Knowing the patient's medical history at the time of prescribing can serve as an alert to drug conflictions. 


Want More Info on the E-Prescribe Module in First Medical Suite?     NewCrop E-Prescribe Training Videos (Click Here)

Read More about our E-Prescribe Module         E-Prescribe and E-RX


First Document Integrator®

First Medical offers nationwide HIPAA-compliant medical records processing service. Our services include the scanning, digitization, and integration of your physical medical records into FirstEMR® patient health record.

Our services allow your healthcare organization to make the most of your patient data and the EMR system. First Medical’s state-of-the-art scanning equipment and FirstEMR® System allow a high volume of documents to be scanned in a minimal amount of time, thus creating sharper images while capturing critical data fields and indexing them with a very high level of accuracy.

FMF has the capability to digitize entire patient files. Documents may include, but are not limited to: Daily Physician Logs, Medical Charts, X-rays, and Prescriptions. Document sizes can range from as small as a receipt to multiple duplex printed pages. 

In an economy where return-on-investments is critical, partnering with an experienced company, with a proven track record, such as FMF, allows your organization to experience cost savings in a shorter period of time. 


First Health Passport™

First Health Passport™ is a multi-functional, user-friendly patient portal that establishes a professional and secure online presence. The portal can be integrated with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to provide a set of pre-defined functionalities for any of the registered patients. 

These functions not only empower the patient with information, it also reduces the workload of the practice staff. First Patient Portal™ enables the physician and the patient to communicate easily and securely online. It offers the physician the ability to provide patient services through a secure online website. First Medical’s patient portal™ empowers patients to have secure communication to their medical records managed by their physician.  Patient records can be shared electronically from within EMR to streamline communications inside and outside the practice and also eliminates costs associated with sending documents via fax or by mail. Your practice can send patient reminders, statements, medical education materials, and lab results electronically. Patients can log in through a secure password to view their personal records, lab reports, diagnostics, statements, and messages thus reducing the workload on the office staff. 


Patient Educational Materials - Provide helpful and trusted handouts for your Patients

We now offer a complete Medical Education module that creates Patient Handouts defining their diagnosis and explaining their medications.  This Education Module is built-into the First Medical Suite EMR and the handouts are created using Patient Education materials form sources like the US National Library of Medicine and The National Institutes of Health.

* Nationally regognized and trusted sources - No Fads, gimmicks or heavily Advertised marketing.  Just medical information.

* Print details about Diseases and Diagnosis to give to your patient based upon ICD9, CPT or SNOMED Codes.

* Hand out or email your patient preventative plans and diets based upon the diagnosis

* Easy to Read pamphlets and documents in English or Spanish

The bottom line is this:  Informing the Patient and increasing overall Patient Care without marketing or cheap ad laden website pages.

Here is a sample Document your Patients will see:

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) makes it hard for you to breathe. Coughing up mucus is often the first sign of COPD. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are common COPDs. Your airways branch out inside your lungs like an upside-down tree. At the end of each branch are small, balloon-... 

More on COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)


Illustration of the lungs

We offer the same helpful Patient documentation for Labs and Medications as well. 


Federal DOT Commercial Driver Certification Module

The Federal Department of Transportation has mandated that all commercial drivers must be certified to operate annually. Only Certified Medical Examiners can certify Heavy Vehicle Operators. First Medical Solutions, jointly with TeamCME, provides a comprehensive EMR system that includes complete Department of Transportation’s requirements for certifying operators of heavy motor vehicles. 

* Special support for FMCSA and National Registry of Certified Examiners

* Special price for TeamCME members

* Centralized scheduler allows two click appointment anywhere in the country

* Driver records can be transferred to a new physician for continued care

* Driver alerts, tracking and monitoring for abnormal results

* Cloud-based system allows data availability anywhere in the country


Evaluation and Management Services

E&M Services are those services provided by physicians and non-physician practitioners to evaluate patients and manage their care. The code is chosen based on where the service is performed, the extent of history taken, extent of the examination and the level of medical decision making. Selecting the Level of E&M Service  

1. Determine the place of service (examples):

* Physician Office

* Outpatient Hospital

* Inpatient Hospital

* Emergency Room-Hospital

* Comprehensive Rehabilitation Facility

2. Identify the category for the service rendered and review the guidelines or instructions unique to the category or subcategory of service selected. 

3. Determine the complexity of medical decision making; the extent of history obtained; and the extent of the exam performed.

4. Based on the category/subcategory selected for the E&M service, selects the correct code. 



Clinical Diagnosis Decision Support

Data for patient age, gender and abnormal clinical features are entered directly or received from the EMR, and a differential diagnoses list is produced. Each diagnosis is linked to online clinical content including, textbooks, journals, abstracts and referential resources. Isabel can be customized to incorporate an institution’s web resources, guidelines and protocols. Isabel seamlessly consolidates disparate information sources and delivers pertinent information as part of the clinician’s workflow

* Expert system that lists possible diagnosis based on chief complaint and history of present illness 

* Provides education materials to manage illnesses

* Helps eliminate second opinion expenses


TeleMedicine / TeleHealth


* Facilitates access to specialists regardless of patient location

* Reducing the costs and time incurred by traveling to specialists

* Specialist satisfaction by reducing the need to travel to under-serviced areas

* Quality special care at moderate prices

* Enhanced confidence that all that can be done, is in fact being done.

* With Access to experts, medical errors are reduced drastically

* Quality-of-care extended to rural areas and shut-In’s

* Increased responsiveness from access to large group of physicians

* User-friendly technology 

* Improves the doctor-patient relationship 


Prevention or Cure Up-To-Date Health Information System

Up-To-Date is a clinical community that a physician can be part of and benefit from.

* Answers all clinical questions. 

* Comprehensive and current, with latest clinical findings

* Treatment recommendations that help patients get the best possible care

* Is written by physicians who are experts in their fields, confidence established with solid recommendations by experts

* Is evidence-based, providing information that one can rely on. 

* Is unbiased, providing information that is not influenced by commercial interests


In-Vitro Fertilization System Module

First Medical Suite® has an in-vitro fertilization module that manages the process from fertilization to birthing and beyond. It tracks and monitors multiple choices among multitude combinations of partners, sperm donors and eggs.

* Andragogy lab analysis and reports for semen analysis

* Embryology lab analysis and reports for fertility and preservation

* Manage multiple relationships in terms social, civic, biology, and genealogy

* Tracking and monitoring fertilization cycle in the lab

* Post fertilization monitoring until full pregnancy and birthing

* Post birthing and tracking, monitoring of growing for research and analysis

* Monitoring, tracking, and documenting every process for history and analysis


Smart Business Analytics and Administration controls for Health Management Organization and Accountable Care Organizations

Business Analytics and Administration for ACO/HMO

This special and unique module in First Medical Office® gives your practice(s) the control of automation processes for chronic disease management and coordinates the appropriate care cost effectively.  Organize patients by provider/specialty.

* Combine information and data from Payers, Providers and all healthcare service provider agencies into one central repository and run analytics 

* Track patients by illness and by specialty

* Generate reports by the last visit

* Coordinate care with specialties within the network

* Track and trend procedures by the location or the physician

* Create Standards-of-Care required to be followed by all clinicians

* Monitor hospital visits and admissions and manage the post-hospital at the time of the rehabilitation center follow up care


Instrumentation Interface for Automatic Data Acquisition

Instrumentation Interface

Supports connectivity with diagnostic devices (EKGs, ultrasounds, vital signs etc.) creating a seamless method to capture, view, and record patient data at the point of care. This connectivity provides physicians real-time access to up-to-date patient data, which ultimately a higher level of care. 

* Interface to read and present various instruments in real time

* Mid Mark, Welch Allyn, Johnson and Johnson, General Electric, Philips and other manufacturer systems who provide system development kit

* Automatic data capture from Spirometer, stress test and multitude of diagnostic equipment

* System stabilization measures assure an accurate reading all the time


First CloudEMR™ (SaaS)

First Medical Suite®  is available as Premise-based Client-Server, or web-based Software as a Service model to run securely within your local office network or on your PC. With SaaS, First CloudEMR™ is licensed to providers as a service on demand application, through a subscription or a “pay-as-you-go” model. 

* Quick and easy to get started 

* Less up-front costs for licensing, pay as you go.

* No server hardware or software to purchase, maintain, or house on-site

* Easier to transition from your old EMR software to our EMR system

* More cost effective for solo/small group practices

* First Medical Solutions has more sophisticated security measures/data protection

* Good for physicians who are not office-based or travel frequently

* Easier data exchange with patients via First Health Passport™



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