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First Messenger ®   Patient Communication at its Best!

Scheduled appointments are frequently missed as patients forget the appointment for the scheduled date and time for their appointments. The Patient Reminder Feature works for the benefit of the doctor as well as the patient as an interactive voice technology system, which automatically calls and gives the patient the appointment specific information.

First Messenger® is new care management module that greatly improves the communication between the Physician Office and the Patient. The system alerts Patients via a SMS text message on the Patient’s cell phone, voice mail or email messages reminding them of upcoming appointments or preventive screenings are also sent electronically. Features This is a fully integrated notification system compatible with all of the FMS EMR software Suites and application software packages.

Patients can now respond to the messages they receive and confirm or make changes to their appointments electronically.

Once the Patient responds to the message sent by our software, the EMR system instantly will reflect that Patient response and any modifications to the Master Appointment Schedule.

Use First Messenger® to:

  • Set appointments and Patient reminders with the option to confirm the appointment.
  • Automated Cancellation and rescheduling of appointments.
  • Lab Notifications.
  • Patient Registry.
  • Heath Alerts.
  • Disease Management.
  • Preventive Screening Tasks.


Integrated: Fully compatible with First Medical Suite®.

Interactive: Patients can confirm their appointments by pressing one phone key, which then updates the schedule in the doctor’s office.

Customizable: Automated messages can be customized in English or Spanish. Patient preferences, time of calls, and contact numbers are all logged automatically.

Hosted Solution: FMS hosts all of the technology for First Messenger® rather than the practice.

Personalized: Doctors can record their own greeting for outgoing messages. Now the Doctor, in their own voice, can leave instructions or information with a more personal touch.

Efficient: The Staff no longer needs to spend time calling to confirm appointments as this process is automated by the software.

Quick and Easy Messaging that reduces the chronic "No Show"

Multiple messages can be sent out simultaneously. Use the First Messenger® system to notify all of your Patients about a weather closing, or a doctor that is out sick, or for mass health alerts and updates. Benefits Reduced Appointment "No Shows" With an automatic delivery of your appointment reminders, the probability of the patient missing the appointment is reduced drastically. Our customizable and helpful messages guide the patient with complete appointment information and multiple response options enable his or her responses. Systematic Appointment Coordination

The Patient Reminder functionality integrates seamlessly with First Medical Suite® to deliver your personalized automated messages via phone, SMS text messaging, and e-mail directly to the patient. Notify any Patient with a cellphone or home phone about scheduled appointments and confirm them too. The results of the replied phone messages that the system records automatically update the First Appointment Scheduler. The results are seen immediately in the Master Appointment Schedule in the Practice Management portion of our software. Making a Personal Connect with Patients We do not use a “Robot sounding voice” to send the messages to the Patient. The Patients hear the actual voices of the doctor or the nurse, which establishes an instant personal connection.

Compatible with: iPhone, Android, Tablets, iPad, Email and All Major Cellphone Carriers

First Messenger® has the ability to support multiple languages. Communicate in Spanish or English. The choice is yours! Reduced Labor Expenses With the elimination of making appointments or reminder calls or sending messages in person and automating that process, your staff can focus on other essential activities. Keep track of responses and changes imediately. The system generates a complete call session report to give your Staff a handy and updated report of all the calls that the system made.



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