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Health Information Exchange

First Medical Suite fully Integrates with other HIE compliant Institutions and Services

Healthcare-related data must be shared at times among facilities, practices and institutions.  This sharing of Healthcare data is called an "Exchange".  HIE establishes a regulated and standardized way in which responsible bodies handle and transport Patient data between their institutions.

First Medical Solutions complies with and uses established and industry accepted standards and practices for exchanging Healthcare-related data.  FMS also complies with HL7 standards and conforms to professional and all medical protocols used in sharing and using data of all kinds.  Unlike the typical Information Technology arena in business, Healthcare conforms to an even higher standard because it deals with not only the data alone.  Healthcare Information Technology must also consider the privacy of the Patient when moving the data.

In addition to the Security of the data, HIE also establishes a way that data is contained.  This establishment of a standard allows institutions from multiple platforms and organizations to expect data in a certain form.  Diverse systems and multiple platforms can exchange information and also use data no matter what the source of the originator may be.  This can be done because both organizations have adopted the same industry standard.

That said, FMS has indeed adopted the HIE standard and uses these standards when exchanging data with your Hospital System, Institution or practice.  This allows systems to communicate and share Healthcare-related data easily.  Organizations that have First Medical Suite or any of our Products in Healthcare can be sure that data will flow effortlessly to or from the EMR.



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