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First Document Scanning and Integration

Why use an electronic EMR solution and convert all your paper charts and bills to a digital format? To meet the requirements of compliance and utilize and EMR effectively you have to. Organizations and Practices must pay large sums of money to outside vendors to lease property and storage for older style paper charts and files. Then there are the added costs of security and Insurance to protect those stored files. Not to mention all of the laws and regulations that must be followed when storing Patient Information offsite! At the end of the day, a Practice spends more time and money managing paper–type files than digital versions of the same documents.

The benefits of scanning your documents and converting them to digital are exceptional and the cost savings are surprisingly evident. Scanning, also called document imaging is a process where high-speed scanners are used to convert paper documents and files into Tiff’s or PDF’s. These converted files, can then be imported into our EMR software. Once the charts and files are digital, they can be accessed in our EMR software quickly and efficiently with no need for outside storage costs. There are hundreds of other reasons to start converting paper charts and files now. First Medical Solutions can help you migrate your paper files and charts to a digital format and save you time and money.

Some of the obvious reasons to scan and convert your paper are:
»Increased efficiency in the daily flow of work.
»Reduced storage costs.
»Easier disaster recovery.
»Ability to share documents across multiple offices.
»Increased document control and security.
»Compliance with privacy and disclosure laws.
»A greener office that wastes less paper.
»Ease of finding archived documents.

First Medical Financial provides Document Scanning and the Integration into the First Medical Suite software. Our extensive network of background verified professionals will convert your rooms full boxes and Patient charts into digital images that can be stored on our servers and then used in the EMR software.

We understand the importance of quality, accuracy and consistency in your document conversion project. We have the capacity to index and scan any volume of documents in a timely manner. Paper based patient files are integrated chronologically into the patient’s electronic medical records.

Easily transfer the information into patient management software.
The medical document scanning takes only a few seconds per scan.
Exclusive database export capabilities; to other Applications.

The First Document Scanning and Integration function has an extensive OCR capability. It extracts the textual information of the scanned documents and then provides you with the extracted data in a searchable database. The text that is extracted is then ready to be exported into any other application via a standard “copy and paste” method in Windows or MS Office.


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