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Deployment and Customization

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Deployment and Customization

First Medical Solutions proven methodology for the implementation of Managed Services is as follows:


Site Survey – Designed to determine the stability of the customer environment and readiness to be proactively monitored and managed.

Discovery – Will identify the components of the customer’s infrastructure.

Design – A monitoring and management plan will be developed based on the results of the site survey and discovery combined with the desired results defined by the customer.

Reconcile – Revise the current environment to make it manageable.

Implementation – Installation and Configuration of the monitoring & management tools at the customer’s site.

Start Up – Testing all aspects of the monitoring and the alerts, validates the SLA requirements as they relate to threshold settings, and allows the customer to approve our processes.

Customization – Setup the practice, Providers and all Staff members as users. Setup Operational processes. Import all patient information. Setup templates.

Periodic Reports and Reviews – Regularly scheduled reviews will determine the satisfaction with the managed service and will allow for changes to be made, as necessary. Trend analysis is performed to determine any required infrastructure changes to minimize future incidents.


There are many practical and financial benefits to having a managed service like FMF, and a few of those are:

Early warning of failures before they become outages.

Faster response times to support issues.

Minimize downtime.

Planned and Controlled IT Support Costs.

A Cost Effective Approach to Operational Support.

Illustrate trends in performance and capacity before they become constraints.

Improve IT staff efficiency.

Get high priority projects done without interruptions.

Focus on Business Priorities.

Peace of Mind Knowing that your Infrastructure is being watched 24x7.



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