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First Health Passport

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First Health Passport®

Have you ever wanted a way for Patients to update their contact information or other personal information prior to the visit?

Have you asked if it was possible for a patient to get their appointment information online or even schedule an appointment online?

Make your practice more technologically advanced with First Health Passport®! First Health Passport® can be integrated seamlessly with any of our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications to provide a set of pre-defined functionalities for registered patients. These functions not only empower the patient with information but also reduce the workload of the practice staff.

First Health Passport® enables the physician and patient to communicate electronically with each other securely online. Using a standard Internet Browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox, the physician now has the ability to provide the patient medical services through a secure online website. First Medical’s First Health Passport® empowers patients to have secure access to their personal medical records that managed by their own physician. Patient records can be shared electronically from within the EMR to streamline the communications inside and outside the practice.

Eliminate the costs associated with sending documents via fax or mail. Your practice can send patients reminders, statements, medical education materials, and lab results electronically using the Portal. Patients can login through a secure password to view their personal records, lab reports, diagnostics, statements, and messages thus reducing the workload on office staff.

Keep Important Patient Information Current and Up-To-Date from anywhere in the World!

Just like a Passport when you travel, First Medical Solutions employs a secure way to keep vital information in one secure place. And like a real passport, one is able to gain secure passage from one point to another.  First Health Passport allows a Patient to keep their records current and allows them entry into their medical records from anywhere in the world.  A safe place that is accessible and easy to use with an iPad, Tablet or PC. 


Patient Information
Personal information such as the address, employer, insurance and other relevant data can be viewed and updated online.
Historical medical data such as allergies, surgeries, family history and social habits can all be viewed in the Web Browser. Appointments
Staff and Patient can Check current appointments, request new appointments or check the history of past appointments using the Portal Medications.
List all of the current medications and request refills using the Portal. Messaging.
Contact the practice or Patient electronically for appointments, balance, payments, refills and much more using the Portal. Payment
Pay Bills, Send and Receive notices of payment, Resolve issues via the Web. Documentation.
Educate the Patient, Send Medication Instructions and Warnings electronically via email, SMS or the Portal.

Benefits Physician and Practice Benefits:
»Secure communication with patients.
»Allow patients to update individual demographic information.
»Send immunization due/overdue notices.
»Patients can read follow-up orders.
»Online reference to direct patients.
»Create a GREEN office!
»Patients complete all information prior to the visit.
»Securely communicate with patients.
»Post lab and imaging results to the portal.
»Send reminder notices.
»Post and upload patient consent forms.
»Obtain referral requests.
»Send applicable educational materials directly to the patient.

Patient’s Benefits:
»Manage demographic and medical history on-line.
»Send secure messages to doctor’s office.
»Obtain patient education materials.
»Complete online New Patient Registration and Patient Pre-Registration.
»Conduct Web visits/virtual visits.
»Refill prescriptions request.
»Review lab results (if physician approves).
»Appointment requests to practice or schedule appointments.
»View all account statements.
»Enter medical history on-line.
»Complete New Patient Registration and Patient Pre-Registration.

First Health Passport® provides an easy, 24/7 access to the patient’s own health resources on-line. Preventive maintenance alerts can be automatically sent to the patients. Patients can login to modify their demographic information in their records and they can also receive notices of up upcoming appointments, procedures or lab tests. First Health Passport® is the key to reducing risk and improving the quality of care. First Health Passport® is a distinguishing and valuable feature of the FirstEMR®’s comprehensive EHR Solution.




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