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First Transcription – Dictation, Transcription and Report Integration

Dictate to Enter Data instead of Keying-in the Data

As a part of our commitment to offering a complete solution for the physician's practice, we offer a powerful combination of products and services for transcription. Our dictation and transcription services offer a number of factors that make us the right choice as your preferred EMR provider:

First Medical Solutions brings a unique method and process for entering your data into the EMR system. Doctors who are used to the dictation system can continue to dictate and FMS will transcribe it and map all patient data into the appropriate fields. Dictate any of the patient Chief Complaints, the History of present illness, the Review of Systems, the Physical Examination, the Assessment, the Diagnosis and the Plan of treatment.

Dictated notes are transcribed, and then mapped into their respective fields and are then dynamically uploaded into the application. A report is generated directly from the EMR software as a normal process. After that automated process the digital transcription then goes into the provider review and approval process. All this is done within a 12 hour turn-around time.

First Medical Solutions provides the most advanced medical transcription service and ensures the convenience with the accuracy and the faster delivery cycles you’d expect. Our state-of-the art medical transcription service provides a record turnaround time and an exceptionally higher quality in processing the medical transcription.

The Dictation and transcription workflow management system is intuitive and easy-to-use. With a simplicity in its design, and learning how to use the software is a snap.

First Medical Solutions safeguards the client data and all client information with a HIPAA complaint communication protocol, and a 128-bit encryption platform.

Faster Turn-Around

Our dictation and transcription services maintain an average overall turn-around time of only 12 hours! from the point of receiving the voice files until the completion and the mapping of the data into a Patient's Electronic Medical Record, the process is quick and timely. Depending on the client requirements, the system can also provide the option of having a turn-around time as short as four hours!


First Medical Suite Electronic Medical Records The Best EMR Choice for any Medical Practice 9.5 First Medical Solutions offers an EMR that integrates the entire medical office. We provide an interface that is easy to use and simple to learn. No other EMR gives you the simplicity and the advanced features that is offered in First Medical Suite. http://www.firstmedicalsolutions.com 888-514-6337