Specialty Templates
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The needs of heart and vascular practices are unique and therefore these Practices require a specialized Electronic Medical Records solution.  Our system and associated templates cater to the specific needs of a cardiologist. The Cardiology module of First Medical Suite®is designed to meet the specific needs of a Cardiologist's practice. It aids Cardiologists in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, vascular heart disease and electrophysiology besides helping them achieve operational and financial efficiencies.

First Medical Suite®with the Cardiology specialty is reliable and based on proven technology to meet the specific needs of the Cardiologist. It allows the Practice to verify cardiology-specific diagnosis ICD and procedural CPT codes.

Key features include:

  • EKG/ECG integration
  • Midmark Integration (ECG, Holter, Spirometer, Vitals)
  • Welch Allyn Integration (ECG, Spot Vital Signs)
  • Integration with Cardiac Catheterization equipment and maintenance of high quality video of procedures performed.
  • Integration with Cardiac ECHO equipment.
  • Integration with data captured by hemodynamics workstations (if your cardiology group is looking for a dedicated Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) that combines imagery, measurements, and reporting into one linear workflow, talk to us about your needs).
  • Cardiology Drug Database with interaction checking
  • Cardiology specific ICD/CPT Codes

Our Cardiology module of FirstEMR® can be customized to replicate your existing workflow and business model.  Employing your existing templates and forms.  We provide pre-designed cardiology templates specific to your specialty which can be further customized for each physician in your clinic.



Cardiac Cath

Cardiac Exam

Pacemaker Visit

Exercise Stress Sheet

Holter Monitoring


T-Wave (MTWA)

Carotid Ultrasound

Aorta Ultrasound

Carotid Duplex B Mode velocity Analysis

Adenosine Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

Dobutamine Myocardial Perfusion Imaging


Tilt Table Test

Pacemaker / ICD Interrogations

Inhaler instruct

Point-n-Click SOAP Note Templates

Custom Cardiology SOAP Note Templates

Referral Letter Templates customized for the Cardiologist













Providers have the option to use the physician-developed and tested Cardiology templates out of the box, or FMS can easily modify these to suit your specific needs. 


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