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FirstCloudEMR® Making the decision to implement an new Electronics Medical Records system can be very expensive as Practices have to shoulder costly IT and Hardware expenses.

There is an alternative method we offer and many organizations have implemented it. Let FMS host your EMR on our secure servers in a solution we call FirstCloudEMR®. No equipment to buy and no IT staff to hire! Lease FirstCloudEMR®, the user licenses, and the required server and storage space at our facilities. We offer this Web-Based alternative on a subscription basis directly from First Medical Solutions.

SAAS EMR (Software as a Service), or Web-Based EMR as it is also called, appeals to many medical practices that wish to save on their upfront costs and the additional hardware requirements of a client/server based architecture.

FirstCloudEMR®is totally secure and is fully HIPPA compliant. With FirstCloudEMR®, you get all the same robust features and flexible options and benefits of our Client/Server based EMR program without all the additional hardware and IT expenses. Access to FirstCloudEMR® is done utilizing standard wireless or network devices via the Internet and browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Fire Fox.


Advantages of FirstCloudEMR ® web-based Cloud EMR / EHR Software

1. Security: FirstCloudEMR® exceeds the requirements of HIPAA. Our security often exceeds what your own IT depart provides.

2. Server Maintenance: You are not responsible for ongoing costs associated with the maintenance of our server.

3. Initial investment: Since you do not invest the capital in buying your own expensive hardware and the associated database software, the initial investment to implement an EHR conversion is very low. Your budget takes less of an impact and the savings can be dramtic.

4. Operating Cost: The monthly fee incurred on use of FirstCloudEMR®, a web-based EMR software, can be written off as an operating expense and is not treated as a capital expenditure.

5. Access from Anywhere on the Web: You have access from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity. Your physical location is not a constraint.

6. Data Protection: First Medical Solutions protects your data against hardware and software failures just like the Client/Server based model. We employ a fault-tolerant infrastructure and a highly sophisticated method of data backup.

7. No installation or Upgrades to Consider: Our IT Staff will install the EHR software and all the upgrades associated with it.

8. Multiple Locations and Campuses Supported: If your practice operates across multiple campuses or locations, FirstCloudEMR® is the solution. Connect all of your Practices to one unified EMR system via the Net utilizing our proven and secure SAAS model.




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